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Juliette Information For girls who are not in a tradional troop but still want to participate in the 2019 Cookie Program, we have an option for you! Entrepreneurial Programs, including the Fall and Cookie Programs, help girls build self-esteem. Learning that they can set a goal, create a marketing plan and then go out and make it happen teaches girls a life lesson: to believe in themselves. With the help of their parents or guardians, girls learn that they can do anything that they set their minds to and establish a “CAN DO” philosophy that will carry them throughout their whole lives. Participation in our Cookie Program presents Juliette Girl Scouts with the foundation for the five skills
of our Entrepreneurial Program. Money Management, Business Ethics, People Skills, Marketing and Goal Setting are life skills the girls can use throughout their lives. Our Cookie Program gives Juliette Girl Scouts a chance to earn Programming Credits needed to participate in Girl Scout programming. The Credits earned give individually registered girls the opportunity to purchase supplies needed to support their programming, take field trips and make deposits for camp. our girls learn about work ethic and how to earn their way by participating in this Entreprenurial Program. To particiate in the 2019 Cookie Program as a Juliette, it is mandatory that a parent, guardian or another caring adult in her life step up to become her Cookie Program Juliette Coordinator. Any girl who does not have a Cookie Program Juliette Coordinator will be unable to participate. Coordinators are expected to register for 2019 Membership, complete the online training learning pathway and stay in direct contact with the Entrepreneurial Team by email throughout the program.

Responsibilities of the Juliette Program Coordinator

The Cookie Program Juliette Coordinator is a parent, guardian or another caring adult in the girl’s life who is (1) guiding and supervising a Girl Scout through her Program and is (2) financially responsible for the product and money if the girl is participating in in-person sales (physical inventory and order card ordering option).

Cookie Program Product Coordinator Training Registration

See Cookie Program Coordinator Training Registration section for all your important information! Due to the recommendations and guidance from GSUSA in the revised lexicon 2018 indicating that Juliettes CANNOT earn proceeds, we have made alterations to meet the requirements to continue to serve our individually participating Girl Scouts.

Important New Juliette Information

► Juliette Girl Scouts continue to earn individual girl rewards based on their accomplishments
➔ Troop Loot does not apply to Juliette Girl Scouts, instead Juliettes will earn membership renewal and access to an Adventure club Program or receive a Camp Credit. The amount of the program/camp credit will be determined based on the entire Juliette troop/group’s success
► Juliettes will earn Programming Credits, not proceeds
➔ Programming credits will be calculated on the entire Juliette troop/group’s success and equally shared among participating girls
➔ Programming Credits will be available for only one year
➔ Programming Credits are not transferrable to any troop as proceeds
➔ Programming Credits cannot be gifted to other Girl Scouts
➔ Girls must have current, active Membership to access Programming Credits

Everything a Juliette needs to succeed in the Girl Scout Cookie sale Need help? Email Customer Care!


2019 Cookie Program Juliette Guide 

Cookie Booths

50/50 Booth Juliette Booth Sale Report
2019 Juliette Booth Special Activity Form

Cookie Forms

I Care Customer Receipt

Parent Permission Form

Product Pick-Up Substitute Form 

Product Transfer Form

Juliette Invoice Request Form


Important Cookie Reports

On-Hand Inventory Report

Clean-Up Inventory Report

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GSSGC Council Website

Litmos LMS (Training Site) 

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Mobile Payments

Juliette Swiper Checkout Form

PayAnywhere Guide

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Smart Cookies Tutorials 

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