Juliette Proceeds

Juliette Troop Proceeds can be used to fund your Juliette’s Girl Scout experience that guides her to “Discover, Connect, and Take Action”.  They can be used to pay for camp, travel, programming or just about any Girl Scout program related expense.

Here are some examples on how to use Juliette proceeds:

  • Reregistering for the next Girl Scout year
  • Graduating Senior Lifetime Membership fee
  • Uniform, girl guides and badges
  • Camp
  • Any Council listed event or program
  • Educational classes, programs, camps and travel
  • Travel state side or abroad payments and costs
  • Supplies needed to earn a badge such as a badge-in-a-bag kit
  • Materials for community service projects
  • Materials needed to earn the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award
  • Shopping in our council store – even fun items can connect to a badge or journey

You will need to complete the Juliette Proceeds Request form online in its entirety every time your Juliette would like to use her Juliette troop proceeds. Juliette Proceeds Request forms MUST be submitted at least 6 weeks before the payment is due to the vendor.  Make sure you describe the activity or event that you are requesting funds for in detail. Attach a copy of an invoice, flyer, itinerary, and/or screen shot of online shopping cart or webpage that describes the activity, the cost, the date payment is due, the kind of payment they accept, phone number to call or web link to visit to make the payment (for credit card payments), name and address of organization or company whom we are writing the check out to (for checks) and reservation number (if applicable).

For more information on badges, what your Juliette can do to earn them and what she will learn by earning this badge, please, visit http://forgirls.girlscouts.org/home/badgeexplorer/.

To access the Juliette Proceeds Request formclick here.

Registering for GSSGC Activities as a Juliette
If your Juliette wants to participate in an activity posted on the Council’s event page or online registration system, you must do the following depending on the event:

  1. For council camp and select events, you must fill out the Online Doubleknot Registration.
  2. For all other events, you must fill out an Activity Registration Form and note your payment type as “Juliette Troop Proceeds.” You must also complete the Juliette Proceeds Request form and attach the Activity Registration Form. Council will notify you once registration has been completed and the funds will automatically be deducted from her Juliette proceeds balance.

Purchasing Items from the GSSGC Shop as a Juliette

You must follow the following procedure to purchase uniform pieces, program books, badges, patches, programming pieces, or other GSLE related items from the GSSGC Shop using your Girl Scout’s Juliette troop proceeds:

  1. Complete and submit the Juliette Proceeds Request form.
    1. Select the GSSGC Shop you will be visiting to purchase the items.
    2. State the estimated maximum cost of the items you plan on purchasing for your Girl Scout where asked how much funding you will be requesting.
  2. Once the Product Sales and Finance department and CEO have approved the request, Cindy Holt-Busch will email you an official written approval (with the procedure you must follow) to make your Girl Scout’s purchase at the selected GSSGC Shop.
    1. This usually takes about 1 week.
  3. The Cindy Holt-Busch will, also, inform the Shop Clerk that you have been approved to spend a maximum amount of so on and so forth providing her with the required paperwork she needs for processing.
  4. You will go to the shop with your Girl Scout to purchase items.
    1. Tell the Shop Clerk that you are making a purchase with your Girl Scout’s Juliette troop proceeds.
  5. Once the Shop Clerk checks you out, she will email me a copy of your receipt.
  6. Council will then deduct that specific amount from your Girl Scout’s Juliette Credit balance.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Award as a Juliette

If a Juliette needs materials to earn a badge, complete a community service project, or to work towards earning her Bronze, Silver, and/or Gold Award, submit a Juliette Proceeds Request form before you make any purchases. Once Council approves and processes your request, you will receive an email from Cindy Holt-Busch.

Transferring Juliette Troop Proceeds to a Troop

If a Juliette has joined a troop, it is the Juliette’s parent/guardian’s responsibility to complete a Juliette Proceeds Request form to have the proceeds transferred to the troop. In the request details section, select “Transfer Juliette proceeds to Troop.”

Payments and Reimbursements

Council pays businesses and vendors not people. With that said, reimbursements are only given with official prior approval. Do not make any purchases without completing the Juliette Proceeds Request form. If you are approved to be reimbursed – which only occurs in special situations and on a case-by-case basis – you will (1) submit the Juliette Proceeds Request form, (2) receive official approval from Cindy Holt-Busch, (3) pay for the activity, (4) submit your receipt within a week after the payment was submitted, and (5) you will be reimbursed via check.

DON’T FORGET! In order for girls to use their Juliette troop proceeds, they must be registered Girl Scouts for the current membership year. If you have any questions, please, email CustomerCare@gssgc.org.

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