Just For Juliettes

Everything a Juliette needs to succeed in the Girl Scout Cookie sale Need help? Email Customer Care!



2019 Cookie Program Juliette Guide 

Cookie Booths

50/50 Booth Juliette Booth Sale Report – Coming Soon!
2019 Juliette Booth Special Activity Form – Coming Soon!


Cookie Cupboard

2019 Cookie Cupboard Schedule – Coming Soon

Cookie Forms

(All forms coming soon!)

I Care Receipt
Parent Permission Form
Product Pick-Up Substitute Form

Product Transfer Form

Cookie Program Juliette 50-50 Booth Sale Report

Juliette Invoice Request Form

Product Sales Juliette Swiper Checkout Form 2019

Important Cookie Reports – Coming soon!

Clean-Up Inventory Report

Mid-sale Inventory Report

Walkabout Qualification Report

Important Links

GSSGC Council Website

Litmos LMS (Training Site) 

Smart Cookies

Smart Cookies Tutorials

Mobile Payments

PayAnywhere Guide

Smart Cookies Help Links

Smart Cookies Tutorials 

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