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Thank you for the cookie donations to Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy. The youth that we work with really enjoyed the Girl Scout Cookies. Most have never had them so this was great exposure to the Girl Scouts program for some inner city at risk youth.

Terrance Stone, CEO
Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy

During a recent College and Career Youth Conference, Girl Scouts cookies were one of the items given to each of the participants who completed all of the activities during the day.  Many of the youth live in challenging situations including foster care, shelters and some are homeless.  They were so appreciative of the gift of cookies and amazed that they were given a whole box of cookies!  The youth were thanking and hugging staff for the gift and the smiles on their faces were priceless. Our Foster Youth Services Coordinating program is very appreciative of the donations we receive from the Girls Scouts and we hope that we will be included in future donations.

Best Regards

bernadette-pinchbackBernadette Pinchback

“We are so grateful to Girl Scouts for their generous donation of cookies to our youth . We feel the cookies in a way bring people together to assist us with our mission in serving children and youth in the foster care system, but also allowing community members to be a part of supporting children and youth in San Bernardino County. It is also so wonderful to see the youth we serve enjoy the cookies, knowing there are people out there who really care. Thank you Girl Scouts for your partnership and all that you do to support youth in our community.” CASA of San Bernardino County Staff
Thanks Paula.

Maggie Harris, M.A.
Community Outreach Manager C.A.S.A. of San Bernardino County

I love going to the Ronald Mc Donald House to deliver the donated cookies and the nuts and candies. As a kid you never realize how many sick children that are out in just our community and it feels really good to be able to give a child’s family a treat that reminds them that there are people who care about them when they feel things are hopeless. Thank you for helping put smiles on the families who are going through a difficult time,

Wish we could have done more..

Paula and Jessica

givingTroop 40782 loves helping out their community in as many ways as possible. We love our Veterans and everything they have done for our country and the freedoms we have. Each year we collect food for our annual Christmas Veterans dinner. Girls sort the food, pick a dish to prepare with their families and come serve them at U.S. Vets, a transitional housing facility for Veterans. So many of these Veterans haven’t had a home cooked meal made with love in a long time. Or even having a conversation with a smiling face that is simply there to make sure they have a great meal. The girls say “Serving dinner to our Veterans is my favorite thing to do over Christmas break, they are always happy to see us”. After our cookie sale we also take them cookies and deliver cookies to our local military branch and make sure they get sent overseas to those protecting us. The girls also help place and pick up flags at Riverside National Cemetery for Memorial Day and Veterans Day.
giving2At school the girls started noticing how many children did not have backpacks or even basic supplies. Over summer break they collected backpacks and school supplies. With the help of GSSGC we were able to get 300+ backpacks and fill them with supplies. Each girl was tasked with talking to their school office and asking if any teachers noticed children who were in need of supplies. The response from the schools was overwhelming, we handed out all backpacks between 2 school districts and 12 schools.

The girls also donate to cookies to the senior center every year. The seniors love talking with the girls, and the girls will sing them songs they have learned. They also donate cookies to Operation Safe house, The Concerned Family food pantry, and of course our wonderful local Firefighters.

Patricia Campos
Troop Leader of 851 & 40782
“Spirit of the Valley” Service Area Manager
Perris Girl Scout House Manager

sb-strongAs clients of the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino our hearts were overwhelmingly broken on December 2, 2015. How do I explain the horrific events that took place to my Intellectually Delayed 17 year old child. The questions about why, and who would do this and who was injured and who was ok. These questions I couldn’t answer for myself let alone trying to explain it to her. Her first words to me that afternoon were questions regarding her and her sisters case workers. She wanted to know if they were ok and if she would see them again. We felt helpless. We as a family wanted to help the IRC, but knew we could not.

But then we thought there is something we could do if only to show we cared. Our Girl Scout Councils ICARE program touches so many lives, I reached out to council immediately to ask of we could assist with making the deliveries. I was so thankful to have this opportunity to deliver nuts and candies to our First Responders to thank them but also to allow Carson to move her concerns and fears into doing something. So we went to Council, loaded our van with Nuts and Candies, came home and bagged up the I-cares, then drove to the Fire Stations of San Bernardino, Redlands and Highland. carson-i-careCarson was very worried about doing it right, and wanted to know what she should say or do. I told her to say that the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio wanted them to know how thankful we are for them and what they do for us.

So we walk into the first station and she announces to the first Firefighter that she saw that she is a client of IRC. That her and her sister’s case worker were there that day and that they (the Firefighters) helped to save them. She said Thank You and that she thought he was brave. The Firefighter got a huge grin and gave her the biggest hug. Carson also was smiling and happy as she was telling the firefighter all about girl scouting. When we left that first station I knew that doing the task of delivering these I-cares did just as much for my family as it did for the firefighters. It is when the community comes together to help each other that we all can heal.

The next Station she did it all over again. At every station we visited she was excited to meet them and say Thank You. Carson also was very impressed with the Woman Firefighter. She said to me as we got into the van, “Well Mom, Girls Can do Anything!”

As a parent and a co-leader/volunteer of a Girl Scout I am grateful that my child is learning the value of working hard to be able to give and help our local communities. The I-care Program has become our favorite part of the sale. It feels good to be able to see the I-Care work in our Community. The person who buys the I-care feels good, the Girl Scout feels Good, the GS Troop feels good, Our Council feels good and the person who receives the I-Care feels good. It is Truly amazing how a $5.00 box of Girl Scout Cookie or a $5.00 Can of Butter Toasted Peanuts can make so many people feel good.

Thin Blue Line
504In light of recent events, Troop 504 of Wildomar has spearheaded a small campaign to support our men & women in blue (tan & green). It is a personal endeavor for Troop 504 – one of our dads is a Sheriff’s deputy. We are also close friends to several other GS with sheriff’s deputy family members. With the help of other troops, Troop 504 has donated boxes of I CARE Girl Scout cookies to local Riverside County Sheriff’s Stations, as well as provided over 300 handwritten notes of support & encouragement on paper sheriff’s stars, courtesy of SW Horse Camp & SW OCC event participants. Working with the Sheriff’s Spousal Support Group, the troop has been able to have some of those notes get distributed to the outlying stations. This is an ongoing campaign, and we will take cookies/notes to our stations as they continue to come in.

Operation Gratitude
Over the years, and several Cookie Sales, Troop 504 sells their I Care cookies, promoting our involvement and support of Operation Gratitude, just like almost every other troop. 504-i-care-2What’s unique is that several of our girls have personally had the gracious opportunity to participate in Operation Gratitude’s box packing events. When the girls talk about their experiences, their eyes light up and faces smile!
Our first year had us welcoming our Veterans to the event, and spreading cheer on a cold and wet day. Our second & third years had us physically working at the facility, moving product, and prepping the boxes. Yes, it’s a long, hard, early day, but it’s worth it.
We’ve met many Veterans, young & old, and offer them our support. We’ve shared conversations of how our military members smile when they get that box of cookies overseas. We also get a nod of appreciation because our girls are older Girl Scouts and are still working and giving.504-i-care
To know that we can help others, especially our Veterans and reassure them that someone here is thinking of them, is rewarding. We view our involvement and support of Operation Gratitude as a special gift – we can provide encouragement to those who sacrifice so much, and let our military know we are grateful for all they do.
Our I Care program allows us all the wonderful opportunity to do this, together.

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Delivering Cookies for a Cause

Can Girl Scout Cookies Save Lives?



The Girl Scout ICARE program reached out to support our county’s first responders in light of the terrible tragedy at the IRC in early December 2015. Our Girl Scouts wrote thousands of letters and donated over 2,000 pieces of ICARE that was personally delivered to our first responders. Together we will stand SB Strong!




March To A Million

Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio made history by participating in Operation Gratitude’s March To A Million celebration on Saturday, December 7, 2013. We celebrated the assembly of the one millionth care package at the Van Nuys National Guard Armory! Even more exciting was the fact that a GSSGC Girl Scout was honored by packing the one millionth care package! Other highlights included The American Veterans Traveling Tribute: The Vietnam Wall and Cost of Freedom Exhibits; Military and First Responders displays; and live entertainment for the whole family. The year before (2012) GSSGC made  donation to Operation Gratitude thanks to the generosity of customers who contributed cookies to the I CARE Program. Remember, if you can’t eat ’em, treat ’em.

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“We could not accomplish this without generous donations from community partners. It’s entirely through individual people and organizations like the Girl Scouts that we are able to keep our doors open. We are so grateful that San Gorgonio Council thought of us.”
— Dana Johnson, Food Now


“It was such a pleasure to have the girls visit us today. I know the officers are absolutely going to appreciate the surprise when they return.”
— Lori Mackey, Riverside Police Department


“On behalf of Operation Gratitude , I can attest that Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council has supported Operation Gratitude and the troops most generously over the years. In 2012, they donated 108,000 boxes of cookies, plus nuts and candies–half a million dollars worth of product in one year alone! In addition, the girls volunteered at our facility to help assemble thousands of care packages for our troops in harm’s way. This is an exceedingly generous and caring Council!”
— Carolyn Blashek


“To all the Girl Scouts everywhere! My name is Ashley Gaona and I have been helping the USO and the Girl Scouts for 2 years now… I personally buy a bunch of cookies as my family loves the Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties and Caramel deLites. And I take my truck to load hundreds of boxes of Girl Scout cookies and drive them on base… My children also help and we have been glad to help in the success of Operation Cookie Monster for the Troops! It is an honor and a privilege to be able to help those Men and Women who risk their live in any way my family can. And we always will! All military branches across the nation and those overseas who cannot be with their families! You have more than earned these cookies and we will see you again very soon! OOH RAH!”
— Ashley Gaona

“I have been working with the Marines at 29 Palms and the USO for several years, a couple of years ago I was asked to help getting cookies shipped overseas to our guys and gals that wouldn’t get them otherwise. In a team effort and a wonderful Mail Call program, we’ve made this a success. Last year we delivered 25,050, spreading them out 18,000 were sent overseas, the rest were delivered between the Palm Springs USO, Wounded Warrior Program, The Navy Hospital and The Single Marine Program.”
— Amy Broich 

I care

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