Cookie Booth Training 2019


Sale Starts: January 27th, 2019

2019 Cookie Sale Booth Training

Cookie Booth Essentials

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Where does the money go/Did you know?

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Booth Checklist

NO Early Selling

The 2019 Cookie Program begins on January 27th, 2019. Penalties for early selling will be enforced, including loss of troop proceeds for the number of cookies sold early, and loss of box credit for the girl’s rewards. Girls are NOT allowed to take orders before January 27th, 2019 for ANY reason! Girls ARE allowed to announce that the sale starts on January 27th, 2019 and that they would like their support, but girls CANNOT accept any orders. It is considered EARLY SELLING any time that a girl accepts someone’s request for a certain quantity or certain variety of cookies, takes money for cookies, asks potential customers questions such as, “Will you buy cookies from me?” or solicits “I Care” donations before January 27th, 2019.


−       Violations of the Girl Scout Code of Conduct or Entrepreneurial Program Rules and Guidelines will have consequences affecting your Girl Scout’s participation in the program.

›        First Violation: Warning.

›        Second Violation: Forfeiture of Walkabout, Goal Getter, Proceeds and/or Top Seller Eligibility.

›        Third Violation: Girl’s Participation is Terminated.

Walkabout is where it’s at. This is how you establish your cookie contacts and customer base.

During the time period of January 27- February 5th up load a photo of you going door to door for you walkabouts

We will pick randomly one walkabout winner. That prize is 100  boxes of Icare a $500 value just for submitting a photo!

Use hash tag #GSSGC with your troop number and first name.

  • Troop and Juliette training page

Link :

Thank you for stepping up to become a Cookie Program Coordinator for the 2019 Cookie Program! We are so excited for you to get started but, have decided that EVERYONE deserves a break – a real break without thinking about cookies!! Please have fun spending time with your family, friends and those you love and ENJOY your Thanksgiving holiday.

For those of you who are anticipating the availability of this training, not to worry! We will be sure to have the training ready for launch next week (likely Thursday, if not by Friday). This will give you plenty of time to complete training and prepare your troop and girls for this upcoming Entrepreneurial Program!

Once the Product Coordinator registers, their profiles and training credentials will be created beginning on November 29, 2018 and then every Tuesday and Friday after that. An email from the training system to complete your profile and set your password will be sent. You can then log in to using the username assigned to you and the password you set.


Training must be completed by February 28, 2019 to participate in the program.

Only ONE representative (Product Coordinator) from the troop will have user log-in access to the online training.

*The log-in credentials created for Cookie Program online training is different from credentials you may already have from GSSGC’s general training department.

Scheduling Cookie Booths

Cookie Booth locations are secured by the Regional Cookie Teams and assigned via lottery. Troops, Coordinators, or parents are not permitted to approach a business or organization to individually arrange a booth sale on their own, even if they know or are the manager/owner. To secure a new booth location, the Coordinator must contact the Regional Product Sales Team to secure the location. These locations never become a specific troop’s exclusive booth location. Businesses do not have authorization to sell Girl Scout Cookies.


Safety and Sales Tips

Girls NEVER sell alone.  Girls must always have an adult with them.  To violate this is against our safety protocol and may cause the girls’ sale to come to an end.

Seniors and Ambassadors (ONLY) may sell with a buddy of their same age or older.

Parents must know exactly where the girls will be selling cookies and when they will be home.

• Girls need to dress appropriately and be polite.

• Appropriate dress is your GS uniform.

• Girls should wear a Girl Scout uniform.

• Girls must be in a minimum of Sash, Vest or Smock  and Girl Scout shirt when doing walkabouts or boothing

• Girls should know their personal and troop goals.

• Girls should know “How the Cookie Crumbles”.

• Chart is available for download along with other great marketing pieces on our GSSGC website.

• Never go inside someone’s home while selling cookies. Girls must stay outside the home where they can be seen from the street.

• Girls should never accept food or beverages while selling.

• Girls must leave all pets at home while selling, unless a working animal companion is necessary; i.e., seeing eye dog.

• Girls should not go into a yard if there is a dog or a closed gate/fence.

• Girls may never sell cookies door-to-door after dark.

• Never go to the back door of a house, always knock on the front door standing away from the door waiting for it to open.

• Girls should never give their last name or phone number while selling.

• When loading and unloading cookies; lift with your knees, do not bend at the waist.


Council policy states that a parent or other responsible adult must provide adequate supervision while girls are going door-to-door. The troop leader’s or other designated adult’s telephone number should be given for reorders or complaints. Girls should never give out their telephone number. 


Family Support is the Key to Success

Girls have greater success in Girl Scout Cookie Program activities when family adults are informed and involved. These tips will help you turn “cookie time” into “family time” and provide important ways that you can guide and support her to cookie success!

  1. Make sure your Girl Scout is a registered member of Girl Scouts of the USA for the current Girl Scout membership year.
  2. Attend her troop/ group cookie training. Be sure to ask the cookie coordinator of your Girl Scout’s troop or group how you can help with meetings or with other tasks.
  3. Understand “The 5 Skills for Girls” and how they impact your Girl Scout.
  4. Work with her to set goals and track her progress. Encourage her to set up an account on ABC SmartCookies, your Girl Scout’s online portal for goal setting, planning and marketing.
  5. Encourage her to make a telephone or email contact list of her friends and family. She can create and send E-Cards in the Online Cookie Marketing section of ABC SmartCookies.

IMPORTANT REMINDER if you have not registered your girl scout yet she will have NO access to ABC Smart Cookies. All girls must be registered as girl scouts to be covered by Girl Scout insurance and to receive rewards

  1. Review and discuss Cookie Activity Safety Guidelines.
  2. Coach her in selling techniques, including how to share her goals, and suggest additional reasons to purchase cookies.
  3. Accompany your Girl Scout to support her as she sells.
  4. Discuss how you can help her reach her goals, such as giving rides when she needs them or safeguarding her cookie money. Remember, closing the sale is her responsibility.
  5. Allow your Girl Scout to participate in a booth sale and volunteer to help.  Be a driver or a supervising adult for a booth sale.
  6. Check on her progress during the sale. Help her live by the Girl Scout Promise and Law, and discuss how it applies to business-ethics throughout the program. Let your friends know how proud you are of your Girl Scout and her participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
  7. Check out Girl Scout Shouts, a collection of fun badges and art designed for sharing via social media or printing. These can be found in your ABC SmartCookies account.


Have you thought about making this an adult evening with your troop, train everyone on booths, raise your girls up together.

Booth Staffing

A minimum of two adults and two Girl Scouts must be present at all times during troop booth sales, (unless you are a Senior or Ambassador girl scout who has permission for a 1 to 1 booth.).  One adult must be registered and cookie trained or on-line cookie booth trained.  The second adult can be a mom, dad, grandparent, or any responsible adult over the age of eighteen.  Never have more than four girls per door.  Two-door stores may have a maximum of four girls on each door, if the store allows.


People love to order Girl Scout Cookies, but money collection and home deliveries can be a time-consuming challenge. Cookie booths allow customers to shop and pay for cookies from a convenient location—allowing girls and their parents to focus on sales and having fun!

A Leadership Experience

A booth sale can do so much more than boost your sales! Girls get valuable experience conducting sales transactions, answering questions, counting money, setting up product displays, and managing inventory. Older girls can try their hand at market research based on customer behavior and input, while younger girls can learn how a simple business operates.


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