Girl Scout Cookie Marketing Materials

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Here you will find colorful Girl Scout Cookie marketing pieces to help your girls with their entrepreneurial endeavors. These are vital to your cookie business, so please be sure to take advantage of this great section.

Girl Scout Cookie FAQ’s

high five a HERO

From March 10th-19th, 2017

Tool kit for troops to participate:

FIRST STEP: Please read the high five a HERO FAQs 


Rules Sign: high five a HERO

Booth Sign: high five a HERO

S’mores Shortage


Cookie Program Media Kit


Cookie Line Up

Our 2017 flavors are here!


How the Cookie Crumbles

fft-c2017-skyland-pagesingles9Show people how far their $5.00 really goes!




Keep Political Topics Away from Cookie Booths

Cookie Zone Only

Cookies & Milk Break

Cookies & Milk BreakWhat could be a better way to say “Thanks” to your employees than this?




 Goal Sheet


Cookie Inspiration

Cookie Inspiration Blank

Door Hangers

door-hangerSorry I missed you!







 Counterfeiter’s Beware

RemeCounterfiet-Flyermber, we only cover $20 bills and smaller for safety!




 Thank You Box Labels






If you caGSSGC I Care 2014 copyn’t eat them, treat them!




1:1 Older Girl Booth

Don’t forget, 1:1 booths require girls to be in full uniform. Check out this Girl Scout in her uniform;


Be sure to have this document displayed at your 1:1 booth!

*NEW* 2:1 Pilot

2:1 PILOT is for 2 Senior/Ambassador Girl Scouts in Full Uniform with 1 Adult, over 18 dressed for success.

This pilot is to acknowledge that older girls still like to sell with their fellow scouts especially during these more trying times. But we acknowledge that in an older girl troop of only 3 girls, finding an additional adult is very difficult. Meaning the girls continue to lose out on booth opportunities. GSSGC is committed to helping our older girls find success. We will be PILOTING this year 2:1 opportunities.

2:1 Pilot
Be sure to have this document displayed at your 2:1 booth!

Cookie Kids



Business College Flyer




volunteer_recruitment_form_1617Want to get your parents and adults involved to assist your troop? Use this at your parent meeting to gather support;

Volunteer Recruitment Form



Cookie Sale Rally Guide




twitter-doc Twitter

Troop training is essential to success do you have a plan laid out?

These sample session plans contain flexible and fully customizable starter activities. Group them together or stretch them out over multiple meetings. You can mix, match, or skip components to create the perfect blend for your troop. Choose your grade level to get started!

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