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MEGA DROP: Bling Your Ride


bling-your-rideMEGA DROP is certainly crazy but also fun. To make the day even more fun, we hope you’ll be participating in our BLING YOUR RIDE: MEGA DROP CONTEST.
Bling Your Ride (WV buses, mini vans, sports cars, U-Hauls and you name it!) with Cookie Marketing Swag to any of our Mega Drop locations Saturday January 28th, 2017 for all the fun! Rides will be judged right there on the spot by our Mega Drop Mega Minds. A winner from each Mega Drop location will be announced at the end of the day on social media – along with photos of the “blinged out” rides!
Rules: Your vehicle must arrive decorated and leave decorated. That’s the point of this contest, to excite all the drivers on the road that COOKIES ARE COMING!!!

What’s the prize?
50 I Cares credited to your troop (1 troop per category)

Girl Scout Pride
100th Anniversary of the Cookie
Girl Scout Cookies

Two ways to enter!
  1. By driving your vehicle through MEGA DROP when picking-up your troops order, the regional team will take a photo of the bling and at the end of MEGA DROP they will do a vote choosing ONE vehicle per each of the four categories above. That means FOUR vehicles will WIN 50 I Cares credited to their troop PER REGION.
  2. Post a photo of your blinged vehicle from Mega Drop on Social Media and win by being the councils fan favorite! To do this, use the hashtag: #BlingYourMegaDropRide on Instagram OR share your picture in the comments section of the GSSGC Facebook Bling Your Mega Drop Ride contest post. Only 1 photo per troop. Contest ends midnight on January 28th, 2017.
    Note: The photo must be taken at the Mega Drop Location to ensure no alterations were made.

See you there!

WALKABOUT:walkabout-contestSundaes On Sunday w/ E & Devon!

You scream, I scream, we all scream for … Girl Scout Cookies!
During the Walkabout period, we want to see your awesome pics. Join in the fun by sharing your favorite (1 picture per girl) walkabout 2017 photo on Instagram with the hashtags; #gssgc#SundaesOnSunday.

Enter To Win:
Two ways to enter! To participate in this contest, use the hashtags above on Instagram OR share your walkabout picture in the comments section below on the facebook post. Remember only 1 photo per Girl Scout. Contest ends midnight on February 7th, 2017!

The Prize:
One lucky winner will embark on an exciting ice cream adventure with E & Devon at your closest Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor. You and your parent of choice will enjoy:
The World Famous Farrell’s Zoo®
A Farrell’s classic so huge it takes two strong servers to deliver it to your table. Their knees sag under 30 scoops of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, chocolate sauce, strawberry topping, and marshmallow topping, whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries, and bananas!!!!
The Farrell’s Zoofari!
Built for our greatest adventurers! The bravest can customize the zoo flavors with up to five Farrell’s ice cream flavors of your choice and five additional premium toppings.
Did we mention you will also receive 100 I Care purchased from you to help kick up your sales!!! Yes that is a $500 sale for winning the WALKABOUT contest AND an Ice Cream Date with E and Devon!

It’s the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scout cookie – that is amazing.  You know what else is amazing, YOU! As you know our booth sale rules say you must be in at least a Girl Scout t-shirt and a vest, sash, or smock to be running a legal cookie booth. BUT, we know that a full uniform represents this mission, represents you and insures the public sees proud young women.  Well, we thought why not go looking for girls who wear their pride (their full uniform regardless of the fact you “can” just wear a Girl Scout t-shirt plus sash, vest, or smock) and instead step it up a notch and look for those that wear their full uniform. SO, we think this super cute PATCH showing up at your booth makes it a little extra fun for girls who are going over and above! You’re like a  pride having, goal getting, proud Girl Scout being, super hero. We made this fun patch for our Council Staff and Product Sales Teams to have with them when they are out and about at booth locations.

We know we find some of you a few times and others of you not at all. So we made this Girl Scout Pride thing a little extra special.  On our GSSGC Facebook, when you earn your patches take a photo in your girl scout pride wear holding your patches and post it #girlscoutpride and or if you just haven’t been found yet but are totally working your booths in full uniform post and tag in #girlscoutpride . This way if you’re doing it you still have an opportunity! One lucky troop, per region, will win (on the second to the last day of the sale) $2,000 in I Care Cookies purchased from their troop – yes, that’s $10,000 in total between 5 troops. Make sure your post has both the #girlscoutpride AND your troop number.  Must be in Girl Scout Full Uniform to win, booth must be properly set up, booth rules must be followed.


We LOVE a booth that says WOW. Did you know that marketing and décor can help you increase your sales? Of course nothing helps you hit your goals like GREAT customer service, but, great customer service mixed with a really fantastic booth can turn no’s into yes’s and make for great conversation starters. It certainly helps teach the importance of marketing which is a great job skill for when you enter the work force. That’s what the cookie sale is all about; teaching you five key business skills, and marketing happens to be one of them. So get those goal posters put together, create your I Care marketing or just make the most creative, easy to break down, clean and neat booth you can think of.  We can’t wait to see them posted on our GSSGC Facebook.  Once a week one troop will be selected as a Show Us Your Sparkle winner. The troop will earn 200 I Care purchased from their troop. Yup, it’s worth the effort. Winners announced each Monday – yes including the first week because an amazing “lemonade stand” can win too!


We know that sometimes the weather is wacky! It’s Southern California meaning it could be snowing, raining, flooding, hot and super windy ALL on the same day. Those are the days we know it’s harder to get out there and work your booths. Those are the days we declare it to be “Wacky Weather Warrior Weekend”.

How does this work?
When we declare it a “Wacky Weather Warrior Weekend” you will see the GSSGC Facebook post go up, that is where you post your wacky weather booth photos and we pick out the bravest of you. The winners earn $100 in I Cares purchased from their troop. We never know how many times we will activate the Weather Warrior as it’s really up to Mother Nature not us.  Look for this photo on your Facebook thread when we activate the warrior. Also, we made her a peaceful warrior this year. We know weather is aggravating and can make us wacky too. It can make us want to give up, or complain and even cause other people to panic. There is never a reason to give up because we make our own path, create our own opportunities for success, and an optimistic outlook insures our hearts are peaceful even when it is a stressful time.


Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for a century. That’s 100 years of helping girls build new skills and have amazing experiences!

To celebrate this special occasion, we’re inviting you to be part of Cookie Troop 100.

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