Forms & Manuals

for  Selling Girl Scouts and their Families

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2019 Cookie Program Family Guide

2019 Dough Information- Coming Soon

Cookie Menu – Spanish

Cookie Order Form 2019 – Coming Soon

Cookie Order Form Spanish – Coming Soon 

Dough Information 2018-2019

Cookie Program Business Order Form – Coming Soon

I Care Customer Receipt

Media Guidelines

Opt-Out Request

Product Donation Agreement

Social Media Guidelines

Quick facts

2019 Cookie Permission Form – SPANISH – Coming Soon

for  Troop Coordinators

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2019 Cookie Program Coordinator Guide 

2019 Booth Calculator – Coming Soon

Clean-Up Inventory Report 

On-hand Inventory Report

Cupboard Pick-Up Substitute Contract

Girl to Girl Shuffle Form

 I Care distribution form

Mid-Sale Inventory Report – Comings Soon

Product donation agreement

Stater Bros contract

Prop 65 FAQ’s

Troop Booth Sale Report

Troop to Troop Product Transfer


How to:


Smart Cookies:

Create a Recognition’s Order

Enter a Planned Order

Enter a Troop Transfer

Manage Girls within the Troop

Obtain a Report

Schedule a FCFS Booth Online (First Come, First Serve)


Buy Girl Scout Cookies In Riverside & San Bernardino California

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