Cookie Kickoff and Pep Rally


What is this Colorful Dash “Now with Inflatables” anyways? This fun run/ walk and cookie rally is our kickoff to the cookie season – get it… cookie “kickoff!” This is where you get showered with colorful powder on a healthy adventure, now with lots of giant inflatables to add to the race course AND a cookie kickoff all mashed up for a fun time with DJ’s and food trucks and cookie tastings! Why would you want to miss this?
We’ve done this event before, a few years ago, why should we do it again? What’s new? Well, if you’ve attended Colorful Dash in the past you know it ROCKS; but you also know we change it up each year adding new fun aspects. Plus, we took a year off last year so it’s been awhile. This year we added super fun inflatables to the course, a lot of them.  The event looks like this now:
First Race step-off: 10:00AM
Last Race step-off: 12:00PM
Cookie Kickoff: 12:00PM – 4:45PM
Fall Top Seller & Science Fair Awards: 4:00PM – 4:45PM
Group Color Throw: 4:45PM
Event Over: 4:45PM
Is this race hard? No, that’s no fun! Hard races aren’t fun; hard races are hard! We are a fun race with lots of super fun color, and we have plenty of people bring wagons or scooters for their littlest Girl Scouts. A Colorful Dash is the best way to be healthy and have fun with fellow Girl Scouts, make new friends, spend time with family or if you’re just a person who loves a color run at a great price! We don’t time this race – it’s a fun run/walk for a reason!
What’s the price and how do I register?
The registration prices for the Colorful Dash 2019 Cookie Kickoff depend on when you register:
Early Bird Event Registration
10/22/2018 – 11/20/2018
$25.00 for ALL attendees, (girls, adults, tag-a-longs) 

After 11/20/2018, the price increases to $35.00.
General Admission Pre-Registration
11/21/2018 – 12/13/2018
$35.00 for ALL attendees. 

The last day for Online Pre-Registration is 12/13/2018. After that, the only way to register is on site at the event for $50.00. Onsite registration on January 12th includes race bib ONLY.
Early Bird and Pre-Registration for this event is ONLINE ONLY! 
No paper registration forms will be processed

It is REQUIRED that every participant and/or attendee of the Colorful Dash and Cookie Kickoff complete the following Release of Liability Waiver for Cal State University San Bernardino. Please print this form and bring with you to SWAG pick-up on January 10th, otherwise SWAG will be denied for anyone without a completed waiver: Fillable Form.pdf
**This form is also included in the registration process and will be included in your confirmation email once registration closes**

Can we use Cookie/Nutty Dough or Juliette Proceeds to pay for Colorful Dash 2019 Cookie Kickoff?  YES, YOU CAN! During registration you MUST complete the CD 2019 Alternate Payment Request on the Forms page to submit your request. This form is required only for those requesting use of Dough/Proceeds, and will need to be completed for EACH registrant requesting use of these type of funds. Those using Juliette Proceeds will also need to complete the Juliette Proceeds Request Form (link included in registration) to complete the proceeds request with Finance. Use the [little yellow mailbox] “Mail Invoice” option vs. Credit Card or Paypal at checkout, otherwise the registration will require a card# and will charge the full amount.
Did you know: Cookie/Nutty Dough & Juliette Proceed requests are processed manually AFTER your registration is complete? This means your final balance at checkout will not deduct requested dough/proceeds. After the alternate payment request is approved and applied you will receive an email receipt reflecting your new balance due, including $0.00.
Here are the steps:
1.     Complete the CD 2019 Alternate Payment Request (for EACH registrant using Dough/Juliette Proceeds).
2.     AT CHECKOUT click on the [little yellow mailbox] “Mail Invoice”
3.     Click Complete
4.     Wait patiently for your request to be processed and applied.
Please allow 2-4 weeks for Cookie/Nutty Dough and Juliette Proceeds processing.
Your Colorful Dash 2019 Cookie Kickoff Registration is NOT complete until your alternate payment request is verified and applied. You will be contacted if you owe an additional balance.
PLEASE NOTE: It is GSSGC recommendation that anyone using Cookie/Nutty Dough or Juliette Troop Proceeds should use 2 separate registrations orders: 1) for those registering with Credit/Debit/PayPal and 2) using Alternate Payment Request(s). If you choose to combine your Alternate Payment and Credit/Debit in one registration, don’t forget to use the [little yellow mailbox] @ checkout and once your request is approved and applied, then you will receive an email from Doubleknot reflecting your new balance due to be paid with card.
Do the “Color Throw Zones” affect runner vision? Or breathing? The color powder used at The Colorful Dash is all certified non-toxic and free of any heavy metals. Our bright colors are a combination of cornstarch, baking soda and FD&C dyes. Our fabulous sparkle powder is more like make-up and is completely safe and, even more precisely, thrown on the lower half of your body. As with any substance, you want to keep it out of your eyes and our color throwers make sure to aim low as you pass by. But we have a multitude of heights at this race so…some Color Runners opt to wear glasses or goggles for their eyes and use a bandana or dust mask for their mouths. If you choose to throw it on your face and or roll around in it on the ground, be aware it may get in ears or eyes and, while not harmful, it isn’t always a pleasant feeling.
Can I take pictures, film video or post to my Instagram/ Facebook/ Pinterest / Snapchat or any other social media? Of course! We will also have a couple photographers on hand! If you do bring your camera, phone, video camera, etc., we suggest keeping it in a plastic bag to keep the dust, (color powder) out! We will not be held liable for a phone full of cornstarch.  Additionally, your registration is also a photo release – meaning GSSGC can use your photos as well for publicity purposes. We will have an Instagram for the Colorful Dash; upload your pictures immediately to #colorfuldashgssgc, and see other people’s pictures too. 
Are tag-a-longs or non-Girl Scout friends allowed? Yes, everyone loves to get colorfied! This event is open to the public. Remember to register early to get that early bird price.
Can my family or friends just come and watch? Everyone pays the same fee, regardless of if you want to run, walk, skate, scooter or bypass the race entirely and only go to the Cookie Kickoff event. “Watching” the race without a ticket means not getting to come into the Cookie Kickoff; so if they want to watch but not race, but still want to join you on the field, then everyone needs to register and pay the event fee. Anyone on the course or in the event area without their race bib will be escorted out by CSUSB Campus Security. No race bib means we cannot verify registration and release waiver acceptance, which is a liability for GSSGC and CSUSB. 
Do I still need to pay for my little one? Children 3 years old and younger are free and will notreceive any of the SWAG. You must check in your little one at the event to receive the 3 years old and younger race bib for access to the course and Cookie Kick -Off event. This means if you are 4 and older you pay, 3 and under is free.
What is included in my Colorful Dash & Cookie Kick Off SWAG? 
Every pre-registered attendee will receive:
  • Colorful Dash bag
  • Colorful Dash t-shirt
  • Water Bottle
  • Race Bib
  • Colorful Dash & Cookie Kickoff Patch
  • One color packet
  • Bandana
  • Medal (when you come across the finish line)
  • Parking pass and map
*Girl Scouts, (Girl Members Only,) will also receive the Official Cookie Sale Pin (ONLY available at SWAG pick-up on January 10, 2019.)
When is Colorful Dash SWAG Bag Pick-Up? SWAG pick-up will be held two days before the event and you can choose where you want to pick-up. Thursday, January 10, 2019 all 5 GSSGC offices between 10:00AM-1:00PM & 2:00PM-7:00PM. A reminder email will be sent out with specific instructions the week of SWAG bag pick up so you can easily get your goodies and instructions and be ready for race day.  Don’t forget to bring your ticket(s) to obtain your SWAG! You can pick-up other people’s packets as long as you have their ticket.  Hard copies of tickets are accepted as well as having them readily available on your smart phone.  
What if I miss SWAG bag pick-up? You can check-in onsite at the Colorful Dash. Don’t forget to bring your ticket(s)! NOTE: The included Official Cookie Sale Pin is only available for Girl Members at SWAG Bag Pick Up on January 10, 2019. They will be available for purchase in the GSSGC retail shops at a later date.
Can I wear a costume to the event? TOTALLY! In fact, we hope you will get yourself styled out in all that shows off your sparkle! You know we love a tutu or anything else you come up with! The whiter with heavy neon the better! Official Colorful Dash t-shirts will be a part of your SWAG this year. We will have other cool stuff for sale before the race in our Cookie Kickoff area at the onsite GSSGC Retail Shop. Yes, you can use your Nutty/Cookie Dough there, too!
You still don’t know if you want to do the Colorful Dash? Well why wouldn’t you want to do a fun walk/ run and get color blasted? The Colorful Dash, now with INFLATABLES is the best Girl Scout Colorfied fun run and value where you’ll get covered with vibrantly awesome colors and have a blast as you get color thrown all over at the group color throw! Plus, you’ll get hooked up with all the freshest gear for you to customize yourself. So keep it cool and get ready to rock! See our onsite GSSGC Retail Shop for cool add-ons!
What is Cookie Kickoff? It’s just another name for the Cookie Rally, but since we are having a fun run, it just makes sense to “kickoff” the sale! 
Why do I want to go to Cookie Kickoff? It’s a fun filled learning experience where you taste the cookies, learn about the Online Digital Sale, learn your five key skills via hands on activities, participate in fun games like setting up a cookie booth fast, get up to date on the latest financial literacy info from our neighborhood bankers and practice your knock-knock skills PLUS SO MUCH MORE! It’s super fun and gets you jazzed about the sale!
What time does the “Dash” really begin?
The Colorful Dash (fun run) begins at 10:00AM, and we’ll release waves of runners every 5 minutes or so. We recommend getting there 30 minutes early so you have plenty of time to stretch!  The last race will step off at 12:00PM, and the Cookie Kickoff is 12:00-4:45PM. The GSSGC shop will be open 9:00AM-4:45AM!
Can I walk the Colorful Dash? Walking is totally cool! You will be one of many who will be walking or riding a scooter or pulling a wagon with little ones. It’s not a timed race and it is non-competitive; so you won’t feel any pressure to cross that finish line first – rather to laugh and enjoy. Please note, you mustbe off the course by 12:45PM, which means anyone starting in the last heat, at 12:00PM, needs to complete the fun run in 45 minutes, or we will pick you up off the course in a golf cart.  
How does the group color throw work? Following the Fall Product Top Seller presentation on the main stage in Cookie Kickoff area attendees will gather for THE END OF THE EVENT color throw 4:45PM. We recommend saving your color powder packets you receive at SWAG Bag Pick-Up for this group color throw! Additional packets of color powder can be purchased onsite while supplies last. It makes for a pretty spectacular photo and a wonderful way to say “we’ve got this goal getting thing, let’s do it!”
Will there be a shop to buy cool stuff? You know we love to bring a GSSGC shop with us! There will be all kinds of Colorful Dash items and more! Bring your Cookie/Nutty dough along, too, because we will be taking that at the Colorful Dash for sure! 
Can I refund my registration? Bummer, no. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to offer refunds. You can still pick-up your SWAG and race goodies, or you can transfer your registration to someone else. It’s like when you buy tickets to a concert or a sporting event. You own those tickets once you buy them. That colorful powder costs a fortune and we have to order it early!
Can I transfer my registration? Yes! You can transfer your registration to someone else. However, we will not be able to change the ordered t-shirt size.  Make sure you give your ticket from Doubleknot to the new attendee for SWAG Bag pick-up.  If you transfer after SWAG Bag pick-up on January 10th, you will need to give them the Race bib! It’s no problem selling your ticket to another person – it’s not the name on the ticket that matters, it’s the ticket that counts.    
What about parking? Parking is free in our assigned lot. You will receive the parking pass and map at SWAG bag pick-up. 
Will there be food available at the Colorful Dash? Yes, with even MORE food vendors than last Colorful Dash! Food will be available onsite for purchase. Water refill stations will be available on the course, so don’t forget your water bottle! 
Can I run with my unicorn? Of course, not! Unicorn’s and other creatures, mythical or non-mythical (basically anything non-human that poops), are not eligible to participate in Colorful Dash. Animals lick their feet and while this is color powder 100% non-toxic, we wouldn’t want your little 4-legged family members to get a belly ache from eating it! Only registered service animals are allowed at the Cookie Kickoff event and if you are taking them on the course they need booties.  
Are there age limits? No way! Everyone is welcome to come have tons of colorful fun at Colorful Dash! Just remember that anyone 4 years and older need to pay the registration fee and that means 3 years old and younger is free! Strollers and wheelchairs are welcome! We do recommend that your kids are properly protected with sunglasses and, for toddlers and infants, maybe even something to cover their mouth. The powder is non-toxic and made mainly with cornstarch, but it could irritate the smaller ones more than us. 
Will I be timed? No timing chips, but you will have the “time of your life!”
What should I wear? You can wear whatever you want (Girl Scout appropriate) but we suggest white clothing because it shows the color the best! We will be giving you your event t-shirt so we suggest customizing that! All customized shirts must be Girl Scout appropriate and you will be removed from the event if your designs are not compliant. Supplement shirts will not be given to someone who cuts their SWAG t-shirt too much.  
Will the color stain my clothes, shoes or makeup? If you want a lot of color to hit your shirt, plan to run or walk closer to the color throwers. If you want only a little bit of color, run or walk in the farthest lane from the throwers, or in the middle of the throwers are on both sides. Mostly all the color powder washes out without a problem.  The blue color tends to take a little bit longer to come out sometimes.  Ultimately, wear your event t-shirt and things you don’t mind getting colorfied and you’ll be fine.
Do you have “cleaning stations” at the finish after party? We have people standing by with air blowers (leaf blowers) near the finish line. With a good dusting off, you aren’t 100% clean, but you are good for the drive home.  It is actually pretty fun to see people still colorful around town after a color run event; it’s like a badge of honor!
IMPORTANT NOTE: The STEMazing area at the Cookie Kickoff is all indoors this year and EVERYONE who enters this area must be cleaned off with the air blowers prior to entering this area.  If you are entering the STEM science fair project, we recommend you drop-off your project before partaking in the Colorful Dash.  Refer to your map to know where drop-off your entries. 
What is going on at STEM at the Cookie Kick Off? STEMazing!  Explore the amazing world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) during Colorful Dash 2019. Demonstrations, hands on experiences and girl projects will be showcased at the STEMazing section of Cookie Kickoff.
Do you have a Raspberry Pi microcomputer from GenCyber? Do you have an amazing project or invention you have created?  Use your own creativity to demonstrate your science skills by showcasing a science fair project. Awards for creativity and design will be presented to the most STEMazing projects in the science fair.
New this year we are having a special Rube Goldberg machine section of the science fair. What is a Rube Goldberg Machine? It is a machine intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and over-complicated fashion. Often, these machines consist of a series of simple devices that are linked together to produce a domino effect, in which each device triggers the next one, and the original goal is achieved only after many steps.
Are there prizes or just trophies if we win the science fair? You bet there are prizes and ribbons, per age level. Third Place is 15 I Care, Second Place is 25 I Care, First Place is 50 I Care. Awarded once the sale begins towards your sale.
Will the color get in my car? Bring a towel or some plastic bags along and you’ll be just fine. However, if you do get some in your vehicle, it can be dusted away or vacuumed easily. 
What if I see a double rainbow? Whoa! Double rainbow! It’s so beautiful!! We do the best we can to provide an unforgettable experience, similar to seeing a double rainbow! But we can’t control rainbows or inclement weather for that matter. If it is hot, cold, wet, dry or snowing we are going for it! No refunds will be issued for a rainy day. We are Girl Scouts – we can handle a few drops of rain for fun!  
Can we just come to Cookie Kickoff portion and not participate in the run? Absolutely, but it is all the same price and same SWAG Bag pick-up. Your race bib is your ticket in to the Cookie Kickoff area; so come join us and experience the group color throw with the packet of color you receive in your SWAG!
Safety First, Always! – As always, smoking in non-designated areas or in the presence of girls is prohibited. As per California state law, you must be a minimum of 50 feet away from a non-smoker when smoking.  All powder based substances are flammable near open flame, even metal, and as such safety is number one and you may not smoke anywhere near the Colorful Dash event.
How do I volunteer to WORK the event for community service hours? We will certainly need a lot of Colorful Dash & Cookie Kickoff Volunteers! If you would like to give your time and join our event team, you can submit an application starting October 22, 2018 through December 1, 2018. Senior & Ambassador girl members are eligible to volunteer, as well as any adult over the age of 18. Volunteers are selected on a needs basis and the application may be disabled prior to December 1st if we have hit the number of volunteers needed.  Apply here: 

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