Cookie Kickoff and Colorful Dash

If you are attending the Colorful Dash, CSUSB requires that every participant completes the REQUIRED waiver.
Please complete it now: CSUSB Waiver

* Bring the completed waiver (1 per person) to the event, it will be turned in at Check-In an in return you receive your Re-Run Event Patch!

Parking Pass (Lot D)
Course Map (Shows Parking Lot)
Event Map
Cookie Kickoff and Colorful Dash



stem-gsusa-002Science Fair at Colorful Dash

Are you planning to submit a science fair project to the GSSGC Science Fair at Colorful Dash? A little feedback has helped us know that deciding WHAT project is slowing down registration. In the box asking what your project is it is acceptable to write “undecided but committed to attend”. Don’t miss out on participation based on an unknown project title.

Science and STEM projects can be about so many topics that interest you. From climate change, to peoples facial expressions to robots to why do marshmallows turn colors as you toast them over a fire to make a s’more. But whatever your interests are don’t forget to sign up to participate in this year’s STEMazing Science Fair.

Bring your display to Colorful Dash to share your ideas and creations with event participants!

Our judges will be selecting the top projects in each level. You can earn I Care credit towards your cookie sale if your amazing project is selected! 3rd place: 25 boxes, 2nd place: 50 boxes, 1st place: 100 boxes.

Judges will be looking for creative and organized projects. Register your project here!


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