Host a house party with all your best customers. Maximize your time and efforts. Present your business plan, your goals and troop plans, serve a delicious desert buffet. Ask for support by selling cases vs boxes. Offer troop sponsorship certificates. Unlike a booth this is individual sales but done together to maximize effort. What better way to celebrate the collaborative spirit of the Girl Scout Cookie Program than to host a cookie-selling house party?! This high-energy, super-fun strategy will help girls take their cookie businesses to new heights by promoting the sale of whole cases of cookies. Girls who have big goals can ask friends, family members and all their favorite cookie customers to make big purchases. The event is fun for all.


Girl Planning is key!

  • How about each family creates one dessert, pick your favorite flavor of Girl Scout Cookie,  and invites their best clients or supporters. The troop comes together in one locations and puts all the desserts together, one per family, all girls present their sales goals and then take the orders from their individual clients. By maximizing your effort as a troop, to further each individual goal, your girls reach their success faster and more efficiently. Now that is using resources, time,  wisely. One day of effort you have addressed all your local clients in a beautiful way of honoring them as supporters.
  • Are you attending a Super Bowl Party? How about asking the host if you may make it a house party, creating some deserts as a hostess gift, presenting your goals BEFORE the game and then asking for support of your entrepreneurial business.
  • Ask your parents friends to host a party at their home inviting their friends to their house to hear your presentation and to enjoy some delicious homemade treats made with Girl Scout cookies. This allows you to broaden your customer base by networking.


  1. LOCATION! Decide on a location to host the party as a troop.
  2. INVITATIONS! Make a Guest list and send out invitations. Each girl can invite her local buyers.
  3. DESSERTS! Make yummy cookie desserts for the party. Each family can bring one dessert so no one has the burden of cooking a bunch.
  4. UNIFORM & GOAL POSTERS! Girls should wear full uniform and bring their goal posters to the party.
  5. PRESENT! Girls give their pitch and talk about their goals and what the cookie does for them.
  6. EAT! Everyone enjoys the dessert buffet!
  7. SELL! This is the time for girls to visit their invited guests and invite them to purchase cookies by the case and answer any questions their guests have.

Safety first always – never invite people to your home without your parents being involved. Never host a house party alone.

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