Take 5 Is Back!

Great news, we’ve brought back our Take 5 promotion!

Take 5 cases and get the chance to win 2 tickets to either…Selena Gomez, 5 Seconds of Summer or Adele!
How does this work?
In order to qualify, GSSGC troops must transfer in AND sell or pick up at cupboard AND sell 5 more cases of cookies. Your troop transaction numbers are the “tickets” to enter. Each 5 cases a troop adds and sells gets their girls an entry. At paper push a cookie team member will enter each girl’s name and troop number into the drawing after verifying eligibility. Award is for individual girls only, not the whole troop. Winner will receive 2 tickets to see their choice of Adele (Mid-Level Seats), Selena Gomez (Floor Seats) or 5 Seconds of Summer (Floor Seats) in concert . Transportation not included. Odds of  winning depends on number of entries. Many will enter, 6 will win (2 pairs per concert). 

One thought on “Take 5 Is Back!”

  1. Great!! How do I connect with a troop? We have 10 cases to unload- mostly mints. Can I post it on the SW leadership page? Thank you!

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