Calling all Cookie Lovers Who Cook!

Try your hand at creating a Girl Scout Cookie–inspired dessert for a chance to win awesome prizes and the ultimate cookie bragging rights!


Welcome to the first-ever National Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Contest, sponsored by Taste of Home! To enter, just grab your favorite Girl Scout Cookies, head to the kitchen, and let your imagination run wild as you create a delicious dessert. Entries will be accepted in one of four categories:

  1. Cakes, pies, cupcakes
  2. Cookies, brownies, bars
  3. Pudding, ice-cream, gelatin desserts
  4. Candies

Don’t miss out! Submit your recipe by March 2.

After March 2, Taste of Home™ will test the recipes and choose the top 16, 4 from each category.

On March 30, Girl Scouts will announce the 16 finalists, so make sure to check back then. The final winners will be determined by our fans—we are relying on you to vote for your favorite!

The recipe with the most votes in each category wins. Three category runners-up will receive $250 and the category grand prize winner (the recipe with the all-around most votes) will win $500 plus a spotlight in a print and digital edition of Taste of Home™—so cool!

Be sure to check out the rules for the complete details.
Share your recipe! 

And after you submit your recipe, don’t forget to share it here on GS COOKIES BLOG, too!

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