Updates to the Cookie Trading Post!


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43 thoughts on “Updates to the Cookie Trading Post!”

  1. Riverside troop needs thanks-a-lots (half case?) in trade. Have patties, sandwiches, caramels, lemonades or combo to trade. Text me 951.522.0901 (if you have thin mints we will take those too!)

  2. Need Thin Mints (of course) – have p.b. sandwiches, lemonades, or mixed of everything to trade (no transfers). Riverside area. Text me 951.522.0901

  3. Hi. Troop 378 needs the following cookies ASAP. I will be headed to the cupboard at 1100 today if I don’t get a response, but would love to help out a troop that needs to transfer cookies.
    5 TM
    3 CD
    1 LEM
    2 PBP
    2 PBS

    1. Terry, the Apple Valley cupboard is closed and I don’t believe the office cupboard is open today since the office is closed on Mondays. You might want to check before driving all the way over there. The AV cupboard had its last open day last Monday.

      1. Yup….As soon as I hit “send” I realized I needed to make other arrangements…and so I did. Thanks for the reminder anyway. T

      2. …and Terri has no cookies…thanks very much for the lead, though. I appreciate it. T

  4. I need shortbread and possibly mangos for tomorrow and depending how we do I may need cookies for next weekend and would like to help a troop in need. Live in san bernardino text me 9094968877

  5. Hello Everyone!
    I am in SanBernardino. I have a case of PBS and need a case of SB! I am also looking for a case of Mango. Can anyone help?

  6. Hi. Troop 378 is in need of (cases) 4 of Caramel De Lites; 4 Thin Mints, 2 Peanut Butter Patties and 1 Peanut Butter Sandwich….Please lmk right away if you are able to transfer these items to us. We do not wish to trade. Terry. We are in Apple Valley.

  7. Hi everyone! This is Tiffany and my troop has LOTS of cookies for those of you who are still in need of more!! I am in Riverside (the orangecrest area) 951-656-6347 I have everything except mango.

  8. I have 2 girls who have returned way too many cookies to me!!!

    I need to get rid of:
    2 cases of PBS
    1 case CDL
    And mixed cases of everything else.
    I’ll deliver!!
    Thank you!

  9. I live in Washington state and our girls do not have the lemonade cookies.. looking to purchase 2 cases if anyone has I will pay for shipping .. thanks

    1. Hello Joel! I will be more than willing to mail you lemonades and any other cookies!!!! Contact me asap and I will get them to you ….909 477 1630
      Thank you for your support! J’Dee

    2. Did you find lemonades yet??? My troop has way too many and we are willing to sell to you… Email me at drhmom@hotmail.com and I can give you more info if you are still interested. Theresa

  10. Riverside troop looking to obtain lemonades and caramel deLites. Have shortbreads and peanut butter sandwiches to trade (maybe others – let me know)

  11. I am in central 1 and had a parent sitting on too many cookies that I can’t get rid of and another girls grandpa passed..so I have tons of everything to get rid of! If you need anything…please let me know! text me or call anytime day or night 909 477 1630 thank you J’Dee

    1. Where are you at? I’m getting some for our booth tonight but we also have a booth tomorrow, Friday AND Saturday! We will def need more.

    2. We have a 4-hour booth tonight and we are taking all we have (232 boxes). We have another 4-hour booth and a 2-hour booth at Walmart this weekend. So, I will def need to get more tomorrow. I will let you know what I need after our booth tonight.

  12. Our troop needs: (2) cases TM, (2) cases PBP, (1) cases TAL, (1) case Mango, (1) case Shortbread and (2) CD. Please let me if you can meet me in Yucaipa today or tomorrow.

    1. Cynthia….I can help you but I am not always on the computer. I can also meet you in Yucaipa if you would like. Just give me a call. 909 477 1630….please….thanks!

      1. Karen ~ We need (4) TM, (4) CD and 1 PBP. Do you have those and can meet up in Yucaipa today? if so, text me 909-747-5197.

  13. Hello. We have 11 cases we’d like to transfer out of our troop, if possible. We have the following:
    3 TM, 1 MC, 2 PBS, 3 T-A-L, 1 Lem, 1 CD.
    We are located in Murrieta.

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